• black-mustard

      Black mustard

      Form the white quality Sinapsis alba of this plant we gain the famous sauce, which is used for lots of meat dishes in the west. In India the black mustard seeds are used to flavor fish and shellfish. The Back Flower “Mustard ” is gained from this plant and the leaves and the tops in bloom give flavor to vegetable soups. In France the mustard is prepared in different kinds of way, as the “old way” with seeds of white and black mustard, the Alsatian mustard that is more delicate and is prepared just with white seeds and the famous mustard of Dijon.

      From the black mustard we gain the flour, suitable to cure the rheumatic pains. The decoction instead are excellent for the activation of the circular system. The footbath with mustard is also recommended in case of cold feet. From the black mustard we gain the essential oil which is useful for neuralgia and rheumatic pains. Be careful with the use of this oil, because it can be irritating! It would be better to use this remedy with the control of a doctor. The infusion of mustard is excellent to stimulate the blood circulation and is also an anti-bacterial and anti –pyretic product. Mustard is a laxative, you have to melt 15 gr of crushed seeds in a glass of water and take it 3 times a day. Against gastritis it is recommended also to take 6 grains of mustard with same water.