• blackberry-bush

      Blackberry bush

      The blackberry bush is famous because of its berries and its thorns. These fruits have diuretic, depurative, anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, refreshing, anti-microbe and laxative effects. Did you know that a legend tells that it is not allowed to pick up berries over the 29th September because from that date the devil spits the berries? Further the berries that grow earlier are sweeter! They thought also that the elder tree was bewitched.

      From the blackberry bush it is gained also the decoction with its astringent properties, excellent for the problems of mouth, throat and to heal diabetes. These decoction is advisable also for healing diarrhea and also to cure tried and swollen eyes. Thanks to blackberry bush you can prepare effective compress in case of hemorrhoids and female genital problems, the shoot of blackberry bush if boiled and filtered is also an efficient depurative, tone up and depurative product, that has to be used in spring for a general cleanness of the body. The roots of blackberry bush are excellent expectorate. From the blackberry bush there is gained also a honey with intense and delicate taste at the same time. This plant is very rich in tannins, effective in case of skin problems. Immerse a wad of cotton wool in a decoction, gained from leaves of blackberry bush, and leave it cool down and then pass it over ill part. The blackberry bush is also efficient in case of staphylococcus infections, that can cause also serious problems in men.