• prugnolo


      The flowers , the leaves and the bark of blackthorn are known for their depurative, anti-fever, tonic , hepatic and anti-inflammatory benefits. The flowers, fruits, decoctions and infusions from this plant strengthen the stomach, soothe the bronchitis catarrh and activate the metabolism. The blackthorn flowers have laxative properties, while the leaves have excellent depurative qualities. The fruits are rich in vitamin C, have immune stimulating and tone-up and anti-diarrhea properties.

      The tisane of blackthorn have purifying properties, suitable to heal gout and rheumatism, they are also indicated in case of stones in kidneys or gravel. The decoction of blackthorn, cooled up can also be used as a mouth wash to cure throat and mouth infections. The blackthorn infusion is also recommended against vaginitis, leucorrhea, pyorrhoea, stomatitis and gum inflammation.
      Further it can also be used to cure epistaxis.