• blueberry


      The blueberry is a fruit rich in anthocyanins ,that are very strong anti-oxidants. Blueberry is also a cure-all for capillaries fragility and circulatory problems as for example venous insufficiency or the sensation of swelling on the legs. It contains also folic acid, vitamin B9, A e C and tannins. The blueberry increases the nightly vision and is regenerating the visual purple in an excellent way. This has been proved scientifically with the English pilots of RAF, who were regularly eating blueberry jam.

      The blueberry is not just taken as a fruit, but also as a decoction, juice, pill and tisane and helps against renal disorders, gout, dismorreah, water retention, hemorrhoids, mouth and throat inflammations, dandruff, chilblains and glaucoma. The anthocyanins in blueberries are also very strong anti-oxidants, fight cystitis and urine path infections.

      This plant has anti- diarrhea and anti-bacterial properties and the regular consumption of it helps to prevent degenerative diseases as Alzheimer. Blueberry is not to be taken in case of stone in the kidneys. It’s recommended to visit a doctor in this case. This plant has also anti-ulcer, absorbent, anti- associated, muscle relaxing, spasmolytic, diuretic, anti-edema, anti-inflammation and tone-up of memory, especially in old persons, effects.