• borage


      The borage is a plant which is rich on phyto-oestrogens and other useful elements for beauty and health as for example calcium, potassium and fatty acids. In the kitchen this herb is used thanks to its flavor which reminds to cucumber. A soothing tisane is gained from this plant and its oil maintains the skin and nails healthy and furthermore it is a natural tonic for breast.

      This oil helps also to cure eczema, psoriasis, rheumatic arthritis, blood pressure, anxiety, stress, premenstrual syndrome, different pathologies of aging and high cholesterol, kidneys and bladder inflammations. Borage in fact has diuretic, anti-depressive, expectorant, anti-inflammatory, diaphoretic, laxatives, moisturizing, nervina, tonic anti-arthritis, sweating, anti-rheumatic, lipid-lowering, healing, blood purifying, blood pressure and hormones regulating , skin and mucous soothing benefits.

      From the borage it is gained an infusion which if added to bath water helps cleaning and decongests the skin. The infusion purifies blood and if borage is added to dandelion and cress it also purifies skin. The leaves of borage are used just as a substitute to spinach in order to give flavor to fillings, risotto, ravioli, for omelets or fried and pastel. In France the borage belongs to “preboggion” the mix of flavor from the Italian region Liguria and it’s very spread.

      A very tasty honey is gained form this plant and further the herb was used to prepare a refreshing summer beverage. In the flower language the borage plant is a symbol of courage and gladness.