• broad-bean

      Broad bean

      The broad bean is a legume rich in protein and fibro and it is consumed above all in the Mediterranean area. It is rich in the following minerals as sulfur, magnesium, proteides, iron, zinc, selenium and phosphor. The nutritional properties of broad bean are almost the same as the one of soya. The broad bean has disinfectant, diuretic, moisturizing, hypoglycaemic and anti-ulcer benefits. This legume can also be taken by persons with high cholesterol, diabetes, water retention and for people who are on diet.

      The broad bean is highly satiable and is rich in vitamins as A, B, C, E, K, PP. Did you know that the broad beans were so much hated by the famous Greek philosopher Pythagoras that in his school it was strictly forbidden to consume them? Not everybody can consume broad beans then it exists an genetic abnormality called “favismo”; if the affected person eats broad beans he would have anemia crisis, dark urine and heart- circulatory failure in severe cases. According to a research made in Sardinia about hundred-year-old, there should be a relation between the exceptional longevity of Sardinian population and broad beans. This vegetable are not just good to eat, but excellent also to prepare the skin to suntan, and eliminate also some dead cells. Therefore it is possible to find on commerce creams with this vegetable which is very efficient. Moreover it has been proved that the broad bean cures also the Parkinson syndrome.