• burdock


      The burdock is a herb which is known for its purifying and disinfecting benefits for oily skins. For this reason there are lots of cosmetic lines which use burdock in order to control this beauty problem. Burdock is not just efficient for combination and oily skins but also for dermatosis, acne, herpes, burns, boils, seborrhoeic dermatitis etc. This herb is also very good in case of lithiasis, arthrosis, cellulitis, cradle cap psoriasis, alopecia and gout. In fact it is known for its hepato-protective, laxative, anti-rheumatic, hyper glycemic, re- enforcement for hair, detoxifying, choleric, purifying, anti-septic, diaphoretic, draining, anti-septic and anti-microbe.

      The leaves of fresh burdock can be used in order to relieve the bother of insect stings and increments the hypoglycaemic action and other medicines in a completely natural way. Further this herb increases the formation and restoration of the bacterial intestinal flora. Burdock can be found in form of tablets, dry extract, infusion, decoction, mother tincture and hydro alcoholic solution. The dry leaves are used for compresses.

      In Orient the burdock is consumed as a salad which is prepared with row stems. In the flower language the burdock symbolizes shyness and reserved people, then it’s thorn tend to move away people. The Chinese and Indian medicine uses this herb to cure colds, flues, pharyngitis infection and pneumonia.