• celery


      The celery that is very common in our kitchen has draining, diuretic, laxative, mineralizing and detoxifying qualities. Europe has considered it for many years a medicine plant. Celery contains sodium, potassium, phosphor, iron, magnesium, selenium and calcium, flavonoids, vitamins C, ,K, B and E, which make the plant also act as an efficient anti-tumor product. It is possible to find lots of kinds of celery as the white, green and rape. Celery helps against kidney stones and aerophagia.

      It is not just an excellent “cleaner” of the organism, but also has calming down and digestive properties above all for the nervous system. Further it reduces also the arterial pressure and is even an excellent expectorant. The celery juice is an anti-rheumatic and tones up skin, while diluted in water it works as a perfect natural eyewash. Further celery is wound healing and even an excellent natural aphrodisiac product. We gain an essential oil known from celery , known for its anti-fungus and anti-tumor effects.