• cornflower


      The cornflower is famous in homeopathies because of its decongestant, alleviate and anti-inflammatory effects, especially in case of eye problem as conjunctivitis. Often this herb is one of the ingredients of eye outline creams. Moreover the cornflower is often used to cure liver and rheumatic disorders, and it is also a immune system stimulator, expectorant, antipirethic and anti-cough product. It is used as a depurative and diuretic product if taken as a decoction, infusion and tisane and helps against cellulitis.

      The cooled down decoction of cornflower is excellent to tone up and purify the skin. The decoction is suitable also against dandruff and dermatosis in form also of poultice, refreshing and with an anti-inflammatory effect for skin and mucous. The dried flowers put into the bath water are also excellent for sensitive and delicate skins.