• dandelion


      Dandelion is a herb that grows naturally in the meadow’s in the mountain, and is called also “Leontodon taraxacum”, contains vitamin A, B,C and D, flavonoids, potassium and mucilage. The purifying qualities of the dandelion are known also by the Chinese medicine. This population thinks that the dandelion contrasts the excessive heat (yang). In ancient times the dandelion was considered a solar plant because of its from and its color, and it was connected to Jupiter thanks to the different therapeutic qualities.

      Its leaves are known as ingredients for salads and omelets, because of its diuretic and purifying properties that are efficient against cellulitis. Often its taste is very bitter, therefore it is good to combine it with sweet food as for example potatoes, pumpkin, legume and cereals. Dandelion is also an anti-scurvy, laxative, tone-up, stomach healing, cholagogue, anti-rheumatic, immune system stimulating, hyper glycemic product. It purifies the skin, the kidneys, liver and it is indicated to fight against cholesterol, anorexia, dyspepsia, water retention, rheumatism, high pressure, intestinal constipation, asthenia, gout and hemorrhoids. It is not recommended in the case of bile stones. The dandelion can be taken as a tisane, mother tincture, tablets, drops and decoction. The cure with dandelion has to be made at the end of winter or during summer time, when the body is freed from toxins and prepared for the next season. The decoction of dandelion is also recommended in order to whiten the freckles. From this plant it is gained also a bitter honey that purifies the liver and the kidneys, it is very advised for athletes.