• elder


      All parts of the elder tree (Sambucus Nigra) not to confuse with Sambucus Ebulus , the flowers and the bark can be used for therapeutic uses. Indeed this plant is called also “vegetable aspirin”. The elder berries are composed more than 70% with water, 16% with carbohydrate and minerals as calcium, phosphor, iron, magnesium, copper, zinc and sodium. These are used to prepare a laxative jam that is tolerate very good also from children and older people.

      Elder tree contains the following vitamin A, of the group B and C. The tisane of elder flowers cure cough, asthma, rheumatism, while the infusion heal diseases related to the respiratory system, as for example bronchitis, fever and flu. This plant has sweating properties. The berries of Elder have laxative and purgative properties, while the bark is used for healing cyst and neuralgia. Elder is also used to heal diseases as gout, hemorrhoids, neuralgia, constipation, uricemia, cystitis, arteriosclerosis, tachycardia, dental abscesses, meteorism, renal insufficiency and kidney stones. In cosmetics the elder is appreciated for its tone up and whitening qualities. In the popular traditions the tree is very known. In England people sad that elder trees were transformed witches in order to escape from capture. If you wanted to know if an elder tree was bewitched you had to break a branch…if from the wound there was coming out blood it was bewitched.