• escolzia


      The Escolzia called also Escolzia californica is a known herb because of its sedative effects without causing daze in the morning. Further it has anti-aching effect which works on the central nervous system. This plant inhibits the activity of the cerebral cortex cells. Moreover Escolzia has choleretic, cholagogic, anti-fungal, disinfectant, anti-biotical, anti-spasmodic, anxiolytic, regulatory of the cardio circulatory system, anti tumoral, laxative, balsamic, anti-catarrh, anti-bacterial and anti-microbe benefits.

      If we use the flowers, stems and seed of the Escolzia it is more efficient in women than in men. It is advised in case if early wake ups in the mornings or in the middle of the night and is also useful in case of anxiety, cramps, migraine, irritability, arthralgia, sciatica, neuritis, psoriasis, gastric spasm and depression. The American native and the first European settlers in the new world used it as an ornamental plant and also for different medical reasons as reduction of lactation, intestinal colic, teeth pain, ulceration, cataplasm, itch, nettle rash, nervousness, changing mood, tranquillizer of the whooping cough, gastritis or nightly enuresis. This flower is not recommended during the first four months of pregnancy, during breast feeding, for persons with low pressure and for children under six years. It can be used together with passionflower and valerian; it can be found as tablets, pills, infusion or mother tincture. Escolzia should be taken half an hour before going to bed and during some months. The mother tincture of Escolzia diluted in water is an excellent mouthwash.