• eucalyptus


      Eucalyptus plant is famous for its anti-septic, anti-catarrh and anti-inflammatory properties, especially for the respiratory system, thanks to the eucalyptus. It is antipyretic, stimulates the sweating, hypoglycaemic, healing, anti-asthmatic, anti-rheumatic and repellent against insects. From the eucalyptus leaves we gain essential oil , infusion and powder.

      The eucalyptus products are also indicated to cure decay, uro-genital disorders, burns, wounds, herpes and dermatitis.

      The essential oil gained from this plant is excellent in order to fight against cellulitis and it should always be a good quality and just use a small quantity. Eucalyptus helps also the digestion and it’s also an excellent stimulating for cardiac activity. This plant is also used for veterinary in order to cure pets parasites and blood poisoning. Form this plant we gain also a solid and fine granulated honey with amber color. This calms cough and is an anti – catarrh and antibiotic, it’s also an excellent diuretic. Just give one drop of eucalyptus essence in a glass of water and drink it twice a day in order to clean deeply kidneys and bladder. This simple treatment is suitable also for stone in the kidneys.