• euphrasia


      The alpine euphrasia is officially recognized as the ” herb of eyes” and it is one of the most famous ingredients for lots of eye drops. This is one of the most common medicinal herbs of the Alps and it is used to cure eyes with a large mucus protection, for eyes with redness, inflammation, cry, allergically conjunctivitis, inflammation of eyelid, sty and irritation. This herb is not just beneficent for eyes, but it is used also in case of icterus, cancer, cold, inflammation of throat, ear pain, voiceless, headache, sinusitis, afte, gastric and liver problems.

      Euphrasia is known for its astringent, anti-catarrh, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammation qualities. It helps also in case of congestion of skin and mucous and can be used as homeopathic pills, infusions, fumigation and decoction. In cosmetics this plant is known as a tone up product.