• fern


      The ferns are used since the Middle age in order to prepare different medicines as for example rhizome and leaves of male fern that are known for their anti-rheumatism, anti-parasites, alleviative, astringent and worm killing qualities. It is possible to find the fern as a mother tincture or as a dry extract. The leaves are used in pulp also in order to cure arthritis and gout. This plant has to be taken just under medical control, because it is extremely toxic.

      The male fern leaves are also used to keep away parasites from humans as for example bugs and ascarides. This plant is one of the most ancient on the earth and doesn’t require particular cures; it was considered holy by ancient Celtic because they believed that it gave prophetic dreams and the possibility to procreate for women. Lots of persons have ferns in their homes as a talisman against adversities in life and in order to attract luck. The kind “florida fern” was used as a stimulator for bile secretion, as a diuretic and a disinfectant for wounds. From the fern it is gained also the essential oil which is suitable to prepare male perfumes.