• guaiaco


      Guaiaco is a South American plant which grows in Argentina and Paraguay and is known for its sweating stimulating, anti-rheumatism, anti-septic, diaphoretic, anti-cough, anti- oxidants, laxative, draining and diuretic qualities. Its wood is particularly appreciated in construction. Further it is gained an essential oil known for its anti-septical qualities and that develops the rose essence. The essential oil of this plant is presented as a dark color or dark yellow paste with a pleasant scent of rose and it is used in order to cure muscle problems, water retention and skin pains.

      The guaiaco oil is also called “Brazil wood” and is combined very good with other essential oils as: neroli, geranium, cajeput, sandal and rose. Guaiaco is efficient in order to cure gout, rheumatic, stomatitis, afte, venereal disease, water retention, sciatica, muscle pains, constipation, intoxication, cellulitis, lymphatic, impotence and respiratory disorders. This plant is associated to the planet Mercury and to the element of water, the flower of this plant is the symbol of Jamaica. The signs of this plant are Pisces, Leo and Aquarius.