• Harpagofito

      The harpagofito plant is a herb with origin from Africa and is very known to relieve joints as contractures, strains, tendinitis, osteo-arthritis, rheumy arthritis, backache, cervical and also to heal gout , dyspepsia, bile disorders, lack of appetite, anorexia, meteorism and uro-genital problems. This herb has sharp hooks and can easily hurt animals, they don’t have possibility to get free, therefore get injured and starve.

      This herb has also hypoglycaemic, anti-fever, digestive and pain relieving qualities against ulcers and wounds. It is highly tolerate then it isn’t toxic for human body. You can find it as a ointment, tablet, dry extract, mother tincture, syrup and infusions. Further it has also a antihistamin, anti - rheuma, hypertension, anti-diabetes and anti-epileptic qualities. In South Africa and in Madagascar this herb is used to cure fever conditions. In Europe it was used for the first time in 1953 and from then it spread also to France and Germany. This herb is used a lot by athletes, because like the arnica also this plant is an effective remedy against muscle pains after a longer physical effort and also increments mobility of the joints.