• hop


      Hops one of the principal ingredients of beer production, but it is also famous thanks to its moisturizing and sedative qualities. It is rich on polyphenols against tumor. Hop helps in case of insomnia as for example persons who are affected by this problem can assume it as a mother tincture, a tisane or sleep near the pillow filled with dry leaves od hop. Hop can be found as a syrup because it is an excellent tranquillizer against cough and the premenstrual syndrome.

      Hop has also aperitif, laxative, worm killing and depurative qualities. The compresses with this plant are used to heal abscess, pains and burns. Hop has also excellent anti-oxidants, refreshing, energizing, anti-itchy, anesthetic and stimulating qualities for the digestion and the sexual desire in women. Further hop is efficient to calm down the heart palpitation, climacteric disorders and hyper sexuality in men, helps the regulation of menstruation and milk secretion by women with babies. Hop is also a tonic for skin, therefore it is used for tone up the female breast . Did you know that hop is a natural volumizing product for the breast? Indeed women who picked up this plant noticed a remarkable swelling of the breast. Hop is also an excellent natural balsam for hair, it stimulates the growth because it strengthens the roots. Therefore in spring and autumn it would be recommended to cure hair with hop, in order to avoid hair fall. Hop is gained from the essential oil with sweet and spicy scent that is useful also to cure the pre -menstrual syndrome , rough skin and insomnia. Against insomnia you should put 2-3 drops on the pillow, while for the skin you have to use a mixture (2-3 drops) with a carrier oil.