• hypericum


      Hypericum or “Saint John's wort” is known for its anti-depression qualities. It is called also “devil hunt” and can help to dissolve “nervous anxiety” or “worries”…that’s the same as depression today. Hypericum is still known for its anxiolytic and sedative qualities. Moreover it is not as expensive as anti-depression drugs and it has no side effects. Hypericum is known as a sun during a dark night of the soul, it hunts the demon of dark, of melancholy and stimulates the desire of life and start again.

      From Hypericum we extract also a red oil, that moisturizes the skin but also heals wound and cuts. The Hypericum oil has also nutritional and tone-up qualities and is also added to bath water. Moreover it is beneficent for the nervous and the digestive system, for the cure of hemorrhoids and livid. This herb is also known for its anti-viral anti-septical, healing, astringent, anti-mycotic, epithelizing, anti-diarrhea, expectorant, diuretic, worm killing, elasticity giving, purifying and soothing qualities. It is available in pills, tisane, mother tincture or tablets. Hypericum heals also the hangover of excessive use of alcohol, the pulmonary and renal disorders, nauseas, psoriasis, rheum arthritis, diarrhea, bed sore, sunburns, erythema of nappy, sciatica, rheum, itch, enuresis, children fears, simples herpes, afte, gastritis, muscle pains, burns, catarrh, wounds on breast, tiredness, backache, fungus, cough, cold, scars, genital ulceration and blotches.