• ivy


      The go down, draining and anti-inflammatory benefits of the ivy are very well known by women. In deed this plant is a very strong and perfect natural anti-cellulitis product! The ivy plant can live for a very long time and is not just an anti-cellulitis product, but it is also an efficient expectorate, anti-neuralgic, detoxifying, astringent, anti-inflammatory product, a bacterial killer, healer, anti-fungal, vasoconstrictor, anti-catarrh, anti-edema, tonic, aphrodisiacal, invigorating, lenitive, immune system stimulating and anti-viral product.

      But it is not recommended to ingest the leaves because they are toxic. The ivy products are added to thyme especially for healing bronchitis in order to expel better the catarrh. These products are advised also in case of cough. It is better to make compresses or take baths of ivy with the leaves and branches of this plant in order to reduce the fat. It is possible also to add ivy to plants as Butcher's Broom, marigold, gingko biloba, focus or horse-chestnut and mother tincture or wine tincture to the bath in order to reinforce capillary. The ivy infusion is excellent for smoothing hair, especially for dark hair. Ivy helps also for healing arthritis, neuritis, neuralgia, sexual asthenia, skin problems, rheumatism and sciatica. This plant heals also callus and hard skin, for this you have to macerate ivy leaves in vinegar for a long time. Further ivy helps also to cure warts, arteriosclerosis, stone in the kidneys, hypertension, nodule of thyroid gland, excessive blood viscosity, wounds, psoriasis, menstrual irregularity, allergies, food intolerance, circulatory edema, fever, ulcer, leucorrhea, laryngitis and tracheitis. This plant has also anti-pollution benefits because it “purifies ” closed environments form harmful effects caused by chemical substances as formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene and alcohol etc.