• lapacho-


      Lapacho called also “tecoma” or “tabebuia” is a tree of South America original from Amazon and the montains of Brasil, Paraguay and Argentina from that we gain the known infusions with its fitotherapic qualities. The natives of South America called it “tree of life” or “holy tree”. From the bark we extract an infusion that is a real all-cure for diseases also serious ones. Lapacho is also available as mother tincture.

      Lapacho has anti-inflammatory, anti-septical, anti-myrobic, anti- parasites, anti-fungus, immune system stimulating, depurative, tonic for cardio and in general, analgesics, astringent, anti-diarrhea, lymph system stimulating, expectorant, anti-fever , anti-tumor, hypotensive, hypoglycaemic, sedative, diuretic, laxative and anti-oxidants qualities. Lapacho is an efficient adjuvant for the cure of leukemia, candida, arthritis, allergy, chronic tiredness, bacterial infections, Chron’s disease , peptic ulcer, gastritis, cardiac weakness, arteriosclerosis, bronchitis, wounds, anemia, different kind of ulcers, parasites infections, mouth infections, nose and throat, eczema, warts, liver disorders, colds, flu and other bothersome disorders. Lapacho contains the following minerals: calcium, gold, bromine, silicon, magnesium, molybdenum, copper, iron, sodium, potassium, cobalt, nickel, strontium, barium and silver. Lapacho wood is also known in the construction because of its resistance and lasting qualities against insect attack.