• lime-tree

      Lime tree

      Lime tree is known for its sedative, diuretic, vase dileting, detoxifying, choleric, anti- arthritic, anti-pyretic, moisturizing, sweating , calm down and decongestant qualities. Indeed our grandmothers knew it as an ingredient for the tisanes before going to bed. For example the Hispanic nations used the lime tree instead of chamomile to cure anxiety, stress and tachycardia. Further it is not just a natural calm down product, but it is known for its anti-rheumatic, diaphoretic, anti-spasmasmodic qualities, especially for the digestive system.

      Tisanes of Lime tree are efficient to heal cough and flu. The compresses of Lime tree are also good in order to swell down the eye bags, relax wrinkles, swell down feet and legs, purifying skin and cure redness of skin. Lime tree relaxes also the circulatory system and is also tolerated during pregnancy or by children. Moreover it has mucolytic qualities that heals very good catarrh. Lime tree is indicated also against insomnia, palpitation, hypertension, anxiety, apprehension, spastic colitis and stomach cramps. The lime tree plant is rich in vitamin C, flavonoids, mucilage, sugar, tannins and coumarins. This plant is taken as a tisane, mother tincture and in drops.
      In the “flower language” this plant symbolizes marriage.