• melissa


      Melissa is known for its lenitive, digestive, sedative and curative properties against herpes, gastritis, dyspepsia, light intestinal colic, insomnia, anxiety, bulimia, irritability, restlessness, aerophagia, headache, physical and mental asthenia, vomit, tachycardia, nervous gastritis, cold, flue, ear pain, toothache, vertigo and tinnitus. This plant is one of the most famous ingredients in the pout-pourri ambiental perfumes.

      The melissa infusion gained from the leaves and boiling water is an excellent toner for the face skin and in order to cure oily hairs, while the decoction can be added to bath water in order to tone up. You can rub the leaves on the insect sting that will give relieve. The tisane of melissa helps in case of depression. Further this plant has spasmolytic, carminative, choleric, anxiolytic, stomachic, eupeptic, diaphoretic, anti-depressive, anti-fever, worm killing, anti-microbe, insect killing and menstruation regulating properties. Moreover taken as a tisane, infusion or essential oil, Melissa can be found in commerce also as mother tincture. It is not just known as an official herb, but even the French Monch used it as an ingredient to prepare spirits as absinth and the famous Chartreuse et l’Arquebuse.