• mistletoe


      The mistletoe has vase dilator, hypotensive, anti- tumor and anti- spasmodic qualities. It stimulates the thyme activities and the natural defenses of the cells. The plant is an excellent regulator of the circular system and helps to maintain the arteries elastic and limits the risk of arteriosclerosis. Further it helps the blood flow to the brain. It can be used also for prevention for people who suffer from brain embolism or thrombosis. Misteltoe has also sedative and anti-spasmodic effects and therefore it is recommended to calm down the “sense of oppression” at breast, headache, palpitations and nervousness.

      This plant cures cellulitis, thanks to its purifying and diuretic qualities, but as well as gout, nephritis and arthritis, and eliminates uric acid, urea and toxins of the organism. Misteltoe is also known as a pain reliever that alleviates sciatic, lombalgie and rheumatic pains, especially with local compresses. This plant can even be used as tisane, therapeutic baths, infusions and maceration.