• oak


      From Oak we gain the Bach Flower Oak, that is for those persons who never stop and make also works of other persons. The wood of this tree is still very appreciated in different kinds of constructions. Oak is rarely burned and for that reason druid used it for the winter party of Yule to symbolize the light that triumphed over the shadow and also the transition between the world of human and those of fairy.

      There is gained an infusion from the dried bark of young oak with different properties as analgesic, anti-fever, anti-hemorrhoids, anti-septic, astringent, anti-inflammatory, tone-up, anti- hemorrhage, blood coagulate, disinfectant, vase constrictor, healing, stomach healing, haemostatic and decongestant. The infusion of oak is beneficent in the following cases: hemorrhoids, fever, wounds, hemorrhage, mouth irritation, fissure, chilblain, hyperhidrosis, dandruff, excess of sebum in scalp, sexual asthenia, convalescence, eczema, psoriasis, toothache, swollen glands, sore throat, nappy erythema , diarrhea or chronic dysentery, burn and varicose vein.

      Oak can be taken as tablet or decoction and helps also to absorb iron. The young roots and acorns of oak helps for the treatment of leucorrhea. The oak decoction can be used for compresses, gargles, footbath and rinse. The gemmo derivate of oak is useful to cure the following disorders: nightly enuresis, leucorrhea, sexual asthenia, constipation and diarrhea. From oak we gain a wine tincture. The glands of oak have rescued whole populations from starvation. In ancient Greece oak was holy and Zeus and Celts gave the name of oak in summer solstice to month. From oak we gain a honeydew of dark amber color which is crystalizes rarely. It is a strong anti-anemic rich in mineral salts and very loved by athletes.