• Parsley

      Parsley is one of the most famous aromatic herbs and is rich in vitamin C, A, E and K. Its origin is from the Mediterranean basin and western Asia and grew in very uneasy conditions. Parsley gives flavor to meat, fish, eggs and more food…and the word “small parsley” in Italian means a person who is everywhere as this aromatic herb!

      The quantity of vitamin C that is contained in a hand of parsley is the same as the one of an orange. The parsley was used as an abortion product and the aromatic qualities were already known by Etruscan and Romans. Parsley has aphrodisiac, menstruation regulation, diuretic, purifying, antiseptic, anti- spasmodic, anti-oxidants, mineralizing and sweating qualities. Further it is rich in calcium, iron, folic acid, copper, zinc, potassium, magnesium, chlorophyll and phosphor. The parsley is not just an efficient aromatic herb but as well an official herb. The cataplasm of leaves are good to cure insect stings, bruises, ecchymosis, dyspepsia, anemia, bad breath, indigestion, water retention, urinary problems, chronic tiredness, parasites, mastitis, flatulence, intestinal fermentation and painful menstruation. The parsley juice is used to whiten the freckles, while the infusion of parsley is used to give to more brightness to hair.

      Further this herb is considered also a cure-all for kidney, teeth and bladder problems and it should be consumed raw, because in that way it does not lose its organoleptic qualities. It is also an excellent adjuvant that helps to eliminate the uric acid. It has also been scientifically proved that the regularly use of parsley reduces the possibility of asthma, diabetes or arteriosclerosis. Moreover this herb is a purifier of liver and regulator of pressure and the menstrual cycle. Parsley is poisonous for cats, parrots and small animals in general, therefore be careful while you are growing this herb in the garden! From parsley we gain also the essential oil that is known for its anti-microbe, anti-septic, astringent, diuretic, laxative, hypotensive and detoxifying qualities. The essential oil of parsley is characterized by a spicy and herbaceous flavor and is recommended for urinary infections, sciatic, bad digestion, hemorrhoids and weak blood vessels.