• quince


      The quince is a fruit rich in vitamin A, of the group B, C, PP and malic acid, further the quince has less calories, as 26 calories for 100 gr. This fruit is typical of the autumn and is spread in the Mediterranean nations. The quince has sedative, moisturizing, astringent, anti-bacterial, tonic, anti-oxidant, anti-anemic, digestive, appetite stimulating, expectorant, immune system stimulating, anti- hemorrhagic, flavoring benefits…our grandmothers used quince in order to give scent to linen.

      The quince tree produces this fruit and belongs to the family of rosacea together with apple tree and pear tree. Quince is also rich in minerals as calcium, magnesium, phosphor and zinc. This apple is useful for intestinal problems, wrinkles, cough, inflammation of throat and dehydration of skin. This fruit has a therapeutic benefit and is also very tasty. The quince is effective against skin aging thanks to the vitamin A one of the beauty vitamins. An example of the use of quince is the jam of quince which is excellent for cakes, tarts… and also for cheese. If it is consumed cooked it is good against peristalsis, rectal prolapse and hemorrhoids. In the case of insomnia it is useful to drink water where the quince seeds have macerated. When the seeds are soft, you have to mash and drink it. The juice of quince regenerates the whole body and is a good protection against diseases!