• red-currant

      Red currant

      The red currant is a berry that is very spread in the mountain and has a typical sour flavor. It cures the following disorders as lack of appetite, fever, colitis, retina problems, gout, hepatic disorders, stones, obesity, arthritis, rheumatism, demineralization, asthma, sore throat, constipation renal disorders, cystitis and prostatitis. It is very rich in vitamin C, calcium, phosphor, iron, mucilage and magnesium and has aperitif, digestive, laxative, depurative, lenitive, diuretic, flavor, diuretic, anti-histaminic, anti-allergic, anti-oxidant, tone-up and mineralizing effects.

      The leaves and the fruits can be used in order to prepare a mask that alleviates redness of skin, heals blisters, give nutrition to dry skin and calms down small burns and skin burns. Red currant can be bought as a fruit, jam, decoction, syrup and juice. The last one can be taken diluted in water or mixed with carrot in order to get a good suntan. The red currant leaves can be rubbed over an insect sting to alleviate the nuisance. The red currant is suitable to protect the capillaries, thanks to the high contain in anthocyanins and flavonoids. These fruit is also recommended to maintain a sharpness of sight, heal varicose veins, water retention and swelling. Red currants in all its forms is recommended for convalescent and can be taken by persons of all ages. This fruit is advised for athletes, because the regular consumption of it limits the risk of cramps and helps to have a good muscular function. Further it makes mucous anti-adhesive, and prevents the onset of diseases as candida and Escherichia coli.