• rosmary


      Rosmary does not just flavor food, but is also a healing herb, further it helps digestion with heavy food, flavors without the need of salt, has warming, detoxifying and tone-up properties. According to ancient Egypt and in the Middle Age this plant was a symbol of immortality! It also keeps away insects and moths. For this reason our grandmothers prepared lavender and rosemary bags also to give scent to linen.

      The decoction of rosemary gives energy and is an excellent anti- nerve. Rosemary is an anti-fever product and recommended in case of flu, asthma and cough. It is an intestinal peristalsis and stimulates the digestion. Further it is beneficent for cough because it is an anti-rheumatic product. Rosemary purifies the liver and is also beneficent for and improves the blood circulation. In cosmetics rosemary is used because of its purifying and refreshing quality. Therefore it is suitable for oily skin. Rosemary has also astringent properties for the digestive system, therefore it is used also as an anti-diarrhea product.