• ruscus-aculeatu

      Ruscus aculeatu

      The ruscus called also “butcher’s broom” is one of the most famous plants among women in order to cure cellulitis. Indeed it is known for its depurative, diuretic , anti-gout, anti-endemic, tone up of vessels, soothing for the urine tracts, anti-arthritic, anti-fever , anti-rheumatic, anti-spasmodic and moisturizing effects. This is also an excellent product against varicose veins, lymphatic problems, water retention, hemorrhoids , vein, chilblain and venous insufficiency.

      Ruscus is called also holly and is used a lot in Northern Europe to whish good luck during Christmas period. From this plant we gain the Bach Flower “Holly”, suitable also for persons “who are not able to love anymore”. This plant was the symbol of love in the northern mythology and we gain the essential oil from it. It eliminates very good also the chlorides and it is excellent to heal delicate skins and with redness, further then for douches. The butcher’s broom is also used in order to cure the following disorders as eczema, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, nephtritis, oliguria , kidney stones, nightly cramps, gout, rheumatism, phlebitis postumi, gout and infections in the urinary tract. From this plant we can cook the shoots, that can substitute the asparagus in recipes.