• sarsaparille


      Sarsaparille herb called also “cotton plant” has sweating, diuretic, purifying, anti-rheumatic, anti-fever, anti-inflammatory, immune system stimulating, hypo cholesterolizing, detoxifying and azide stimulating. This bitter herb is an excellent alternative to the woody nightshade and can be found also as a decoction or infusion and it is very spread in central and southern Italy. In the first case it beneficent against arthritis and nephritis, while in the second case against gout.

      From sarsaparille we get mother tincture, tisane and the root can be used for infusions and decoction, the shoot pickled or the softer parts can be cooked as an omelet. Sarsaparille can be found also as a hydro- alcoholic solution. It is an excellent purifier of blood and also very useful to cure venereal disorders, psioriasis, scrofulous, rheumatism, arthritis, gout, uricemia, nephrite, otitis, lues, intoxication form alcohol. The decoction of sarsaparilla gave also color to face, improving the look of the skin. The parts of the body where sarsaparilla acts better is bones, cartilage, kidneys, blood articulations, urinary tract, blood vessels and immunity system. This plant is also recommended in case of dermatosis of pets!