• soapwort


      The soapwort plant has diaphoretic, tone-up, diuretic, sweating, expectorant, calming down, cough healing, anti-rheumatic, anti-acne, laxative, mucolytic, anti- phlogistic, worm-killing and anti-gout qualities. This plant is called also “mayor Centaurea ”, “Bouncing Bet” or “Hedge Pink”. From this plant we gain the Bach Flower “Centaury” for too good persons, who scarify for others and forget themselves. The soapwort can be given as root, decoction and tisane.

      The decoction can be used to stimulate the liver activation to cure dermatosis, arthritis, bronchitis, skin eruption, catarrh, eczema and high cholesterol. Soapwort is excellent in order to reinforce fragile hair. Further the decoction can be used to heal psioriasis. This herb has to be boiled in rain water and gives life to old and spoiled cloth by dust and time. The plant has to be picked up in autumn. The roots as a decoction are an excellent remedy against cough, and moreover this plant was used to prepare detergents because of its contend of saponins.