• sweet-orange

      Sweet orange

      The sweet orange is just the tree which produces oranges and is cultivated in the Italian regions as Liguria, Sardinia, Campania, Sicily and Garda Lake. It is known for its phytiotherapeutic qualities. As everybody knows, the oranges have a high content of vitamin C, from the group B, A and also iron, sugar, potassium, selenium, bromine, sulfur, anti-oxidants and calcium, very useful for human alimentation during winter time. This plant has in deed sedative properties, as well as anti- spasmodic, hair protection, stomach, flavored, muscle tone-up, anti-septic, anti-bacterial thanks to the richness of vitamin C and PP.

      Oranges are excellent for the reinforcement of tendon, the immune system and the ligament. They also help to heal gastro-intestinal disorders, to stimulate the production of new red blood cells and to activate the brain. From the sweet orange it is gained the essential oil which helps to calm down insomnia, nervousness, constipation and prevent wrinkles. It can also be added to a common face cream in order to heal cellulitis. The infusion of sweet orange cures also insomnia, but also lack of appetite, capillary fragility, obesity, diarrhea, bad digestion, water retention and cold. It is better not to use the essential oil of sweet orange before sun exposure, because it can cause serious sun burns. The orange juice is suitable in order to tone -up the skin. Wash the face first and then use the orange juice as a toner. The skin will be smooth, soft and elastic and wrinkles will be reduced.