• thyme


      Thyme is an aromatic herb that is used a lot in the Mediterrean kitchen, known for its disinfectant, flavor giving, digestive, anti-inflammatory, expectorant, tone-up, anti-fatigue, anti-cough, carminative, anti-microbe, anti- sebacae, anti- mycosis, deodorant, choleric, immune system stimulating, balsamic, anti-septic, anti-catarrh, depurative, stimulating, hepatic protective, spasmolytic and anti-oxidants.

      You can also say that fresh thyme together with other typical Mediterranean or oriental herbs is a real “natural pharmacy”, that is efficient and also very economic! It helps against asthma, cold, tired and dry skin, urinary infections, respiratory problems, oily hair, mycosis, physical and psychological stress and acne. Thyme is also used to flavor wine and spirits. The Romans immerged in the thyme infusion water , because they thought that it gave strength and courage. Thyme is also used by athletes, because it contrasts the sweating and is a natural and efficient deodorant. From thyme we gain an appreciated essential oil for its anti-fungus, warming and disinfectant qualities.

      Further as a dry and fresh herb it can also be taken as an infusion, wine infusion, mother tincture, tisane or syrup of thyme. From thyme it is gained also a honey known for its disinfecting, worm killing, tone-up, carminative and anti-bacterial qualities. The thyme flowers have lots of nectar and are very loved by bees. The thyme infusion can also be used as a detergent or disinfectant of small wounds, or to cure different respiratory or urinary tract disorders. The thyme infusion is excellent for cleaning the liver. In flower language thyme represents mature love , constancy and production.