• tuia


      Tuia is the prince of remedies in order to cure warts and bow tie. This always green conifer with its pyramids form has small and scaly leaves with an intense green color similar to the cypress. Thuja has a calming down effect especially if the patient has a sleep disorders. Further tuia is recommended against migraine and headache from nervous origin and even to cure swelling of palate. The Thuja patient has a white and radiant complexion, but is victim of warts, mole, blackhead and stye.

      This person also suffers from capillary fragility and is often tired and stressed because he considers the daily tasks as a weight. A Thuja person has also apparent veins on the hands and often also varicose veins; he sweats a lot and has a strong smell. The homeopathic remedy is recommended to cure warts that flake, delicate nails, constipation, anxious sleep, polyps, lack of appetite, impatience, cystitis, vaginal secretion, irritability, pessimism, anxiety, swollen glands, psoriasis, muscle tension, genital and urinary infections and migraine on the left side.