• yerba-mate

      Yerba mate

      The Yerba mate comes from Argentina and Uruguay and is taken warm there, while i Paraguay it is taken cold, called “tererè” and its flavored with lemon. The yerba mate infusion called also “mate” is served in a special pot that is offered to guest. The metal drinking straw is called “bombilla”. In Argentina the mate can be taken with or without sugar; while in Uruguay the consumption of mate is very spread and is considered necessary as food and sleep. There is also the “cooked mate” that comes in tea bags. The infusion of yerba mate can be prepared with or without stem.

      In the first case it will have a more intense taste. It might be strange but also in Italy the infusion of mate is taken as a culture result between these countries and the strong presence of Italian in Argentina. In Valtellina (Italy) for example people drink cooked mate, mix with some red wine and a hand of butter, while in Sardinia and Calabria people drink it normally in their house. Even the drinking straw and the “bombilla” have been translated in Albanian language. The habit to drink the mate sitting in a circle and passing the mate and the “bombilla” always on the left is the same as in south America. In Italy it is possible to find yerba mate in pharmacies and herb shops. Yerba mate has anti-oxidants, metabolism stimulating, diuretic, digestive, immune system stimulating, memory and mental promptness improving and analgesic qualities. Despite of its different benefits, don’t exaggerate with this herb because it has side effects as vertigo, insomnia, palpitation, urticarial, diarrhea and respiratory disorders. Use mate with moderation in case of hypertension!