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    Hotel Eliseo in the heart of the Euganee Spa, combines tradition and modernity! A comfortable and modern wellness center that conserves the benefits of the traditional thermal cures of Abano, epic since the time of antiquity for their unique curative power of body and mind. In this contest the Eliseo hotel rolls up yourself with a special offer for a regenerant holiday where find serenity, form and vitality.

    The Euganee Spa are renowned as the biggest thermal area in Europe for the health and the prevention, and is specialized in mud-balneotherapy. The Eliseo hotel with its thermal establishment has got from the Italian Ministry of Health the level of qualification "I° Superior" to demonstration of the respect of the natural sources of the basin and the meticulous discipline of the water.

    The waters of Euganea area are named salt - bromine - iodic iperthermal, and are only one source in the world. The mud is the result of a wise commission of three components: solid (clay), liquid (water) and biologic (micro - organisms). The beautiful process called "maturation" has place in special tanks in an area of the Eliseo's garden, donating to the hosts the magnificence of this natural process. The mud can be considered mature after a period of 50-60 days in which is kept continuously in contact with the thermal water that flows in a temperature of 60°C.

    The health awarded
    Fortunately there aren't obstacles for the wellness, not even for the health which predicts the therapies enjoying of the direct convention with the National Sanitary System. With a normal prescription of the general practitioner you can enter in this facilitation.

    The Host of the Eliseo hotel will enjoy of two thermal pools, the outdoor pool: immersed in the green of the garden with numerous flowered spots, paved spaces, sunny and shady spaces; and also the use of cots where you can gift yourself relax and comfort. There's space also for the terrace, the solarium and the outdoor bar.

    The water marvelously lukewarm and rich of mineral salts is perfect for the wellness programs and medical cures.
    You can reach the indoor pool directly from the rooms, without go out and is connected to the outdoor pool: the hosts can pass pool by pool without go out from the water.

    Thermal water temperature: 35°C - 36°C
    Indoor pool height: 110 - 150 cm
    Outdoor pool height: 100 - 160 cm
    Fitness corner: tapis roulant, elliptic step, cyclette, reclined cyclette.

    Whirlpools characteristics
    - 3 effervescent cots
    - 3 cervical waterfall
    - 1 whirlpool throw for the back
    - 7 relax posts with plantar whirlpool and back/lumbar
    - 1 route legs with throws at pressure and differentiated profundity

    Thermal Grotto
    A rare privilege of the hotel in Abano Terme and Montegrotto is the suggestive ambient, overfilled of thermal wet heat, great for the vasodilatory process, for the purification of the skin and for the muscular relax, that complete the offer of cures of Eliseo Hotel.

    Characteristics of the grotto:
    Temperature: 55 - 60°C
    Humidity: 85 - 90%
    Surface: 12mq

    The Inhalation therapy
    The Eliseo hotel is equipped of an appropriate department for the inhalation therapy. Special instruments fragment finely the mineral water particles, they nuke and transform them in an efficient treatment. The worsen of the environmental conditions as smog, the pollutant agents and active/passive smoke, are the reasons of the increase of allergic-respiratory diseases. For this every spring for 4 persons on 10, the allergic syndrome gets back, caused by the pollens in the air and the iper sensibility due to the new environment in which we live. The therapeutic aims attainable through the inhalation therapy are numerous: anti-septic action, action of stimulation of ciliate apparatus, fluidification of the excrements, normalization of the characteristics of the respiratory mucus, reduction of the microbiologic component not physiologic.

    The kinesiologic treatment in hotel is clearly done in thermal water. Seeing as in the water the body loses the 90% of its mass, allows at who needs of rehabilitation, to reach excellent results as soon as possible in the recovery of the motoric functionalities.
    The hydrokinesi is an ideal treatment also for who suffers of arthritis, fibromyalgia and neurologic disturbances.

    More than 100 types of different treatments find space in the beauty farm of the hotel: the Spa manager will recommend you the most appropriate for your necessities.

    Last note, but not for importance: the restaurant of the hotel will delight you with typical and seasonal dishes and with an offer of wellness cooking that get on well also with the most elegant palates.

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