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      Wellness holidays Lombardy

      The Garda Lake offers excellent wellness resorts, this lake is surly one of the most popular and important of Italy. Two of the most favored tourist places on the lake are Desenzano del Garda and Sirmione. Sirmione is a popular thermal locality as well. Other townships, where visitors can find a wellness resort Lombardy are: the Iseo Lake, here is located the largest lake island of Europe, the Alps, where visitors can enjoy the ski resorts Bormio or Livigno. 

      Livignio is a duty free area, perfect for shopping. The Lombardy is an Italian region, which reminds to things like hard work, TV, publishing industry and business. In fact the capital city of the region, Milano, produces 10% of the Italian gross domestic product. Furthermore Milano is popular as a fashion city. The Lombardy features famous ski resorts like the Masino Valley or Bormio, which are located in the Valtellina and represent favored thermal destinations. Other thermal localities in the Lombardy are Sirmione, Trescore Balneario, Boario Terme. The Lombardy offers numerous lakes, which are famous all over the world: the Lago Maggiore, the Como Lake, the Garda Lake or the Iseo Lake.  

    • This lake- side tourist place is located in the area of the Alto Garda National Park, which is situated in the Lombardy and in Trentino. Here visitors can find the Villa Feltrinelli, which had an important rule during the Second World War. Moreover the popular author of “Lady Chatterley”, David Herbert Lawrence, lived here. 

    • Livigno is the most northern township of the Lombardy and represents Europe’s highest settlement. The locality is a popular winter destination, the resorts here are excellent. In 1910 Livigno has been declared to a duty- free area, because of its isolated position in winter.

    • Bormio is a famous ski resort located in the Valtellina in the heart of the Stelvio National Park. Bormio isn’t only popular as a winter destination but even as a thermal destination, as already the romans knew this place. 

    • This thermal destination is located at the Iseo Lake in the Valmonica, a valley belonging to the “Valli Bergamasche”. One of the most popular guests of this place was Alessandro Manzoni! In the municipal park visitors can discover petroglyphs.

    • Bratto is a suburb of Castione della Presolana, a mountain resort in the Seriana Valley, which belongs to the “Valli Bergamasche”.  Already in 1913 Bratto was a ski resort, when the CAI organized the first ski racings in township.  In Castione della Presonala every year is taking place the chess festival, an important event for chess fans.