• apricot-compress

      Apricot compress

      The apricot compress is an advisable solution in order to moisturizing, refreshing and purifying the skin. At the same time the sun tan will be prepared. The apricot is very rich on beta-carotene which is important for that. This fruit is a classic of the wellness in South Tyrol, thanks to the famous apricots of Val Venosta , but it is possible also to prepare one at home. Take one apricot, a peach and a spoon of oats flakes, which are known for their soothing benefits.

      Separate the seeds from the fruit, blend it and give it on the whole body. Leave it rest for approximately 20 minutes, remove it with cotton discs for make-up. An apricot compress for the face is obtained by boiling two apricots, when they are very soft, make it to a mash with a fork and add some olive oil.