• chocolate-face-mask

      Chocolate face mask

      A chocolate face mask is not just helping to make peace with life, but gives to the face skin a young, soft and moisturizing look.

      Today the “chocolate wellness” has become completely part of the most famous and loved wellness treatments. A reason for that is also that chocolate is a strong tone-up product for humor and also a real ally of beauty…. In fact its scientific name is “food of god”.

      In order to prepare a face mask with chocolate at home, which is recommended for combination and oily skins, thanks to the presence of yogurt and honey, you just take half coffee spoon of yogurt, half coffee spoon of honey and a half coffee spoon of very bitter cocoa. Mix all together until obtaining a dry mixture …be careful don’t eat the mask!

      A further option for tired and mature skin foresees the use of 1/3 of a cup of cocoa, 2 spoons of cream, 3 spoons of oats flour and ¼ of a cup of honey. Mix all together in a bowl until obtaining a dense dough, put it on the face and leave it on for 20 minutes.