• face-oxygen-treatment

      Face oxygen treatment

      The face oxygen treatments lead the collagen to the area of the face which need it. The oxygen has calming down, refreshing and soft peeling qualities.

      This treatment, called also “Oxygen Infusion” has been invented in Australia and reached Europe and USA soon and the singer Madonna is one of the greatest fans of this treatment.

      It gives the skin a bright, tone-up, purifying and moisturizing skin until the first treatment. It is a real cure-all for face above all during the winter. The face treatment with oxygen reduces the signs of age, as wrinkles of expression and face marks. The treatment can be combined with vitamin and hyaluronic acid.

      For the beginning of the treatment you can use a serum according to the skin type. Then the face treatment with oxygen can be personalized for each skin types for acne, dry or mature skin etc. The treatments should be last at least 6 hours and made once a week. The oxygen treatment is also suitable for hands and décolleté and works for persons from 40s years.