• gold-mask

      Gold mask

      The gold mask is a luxury wellness treatment, advisable for women and men. It is a real elixir of beauty and unfortunately it is not possible to prepare it at home. This beauty treatment comes from Japan, indeed the agency which produces the gold leaves for this mask is Japanese! It has been spread in Usa and Europe and therefore it has to be prepared in a luxury wellness hotel or in a Spa. The gold mask treatment is one of the most favorite of famous women!

      The face is covered with very thin gold leaves with 24 carats by hands; this precious metal makes us feel like a queen and also stimulates the formation of collagen and blood circulation, frees toxins, tones-up the lymphatic system and purifies the skin. The gold mask leaves on for at least 80 minutes and when it is removed a facial massage should be done.

      In order to reassure skeptical persons it has scientifically been proved that gold has anti-aging, oxygenating, anti-toxins and regenerating benefits. Further it cures also the osteo-muscle system, while according to crystal therapy, this precious metal drives away sadness and unhappiness. The power of this precious metal is in fact used for peelings, serum, mud and massages.