• grape-seed-oil-mask

      Grape seed oil mask

      The grape seed oil mask is an anti-oxidant treatment which derives from wine therapy, which has anti-oxidants, moisturizing, restoring benefits and also gives elasticity to skin because of the grape seed oil and the berries of grape extract.

      This treatment is typical of autumn season and is advised to tired, dry and mature skins. The grape oil is also good to tone up composition and oily skins, because it is not as “heavy” as jojoba or sweet almonds oil.

      This oil has a high content of polyunsaturated acids, which are very good for body and face thanks to its astringent and stimulating qualities for the circulation. Further it helps to enforce the capillaries. The actress Emma Stone is a big fan of this treatment. She is using it for moisturizing the skin after a shower, then this oil is used also as a body compress! The grape seed oil mask can be made in a wellness center but also at home and after 30 years . It is used to enforce the skin against the free radicals and the first signs of age.