• honey-mask

      Honey mask

      The honey mask is excellent for vitalizing the skin and cancels the signs of tiredness and the wrinkles of expression. A honey mask is useful for dry , tired and mature skins but even for combination and oily skins, because honey is a very effective anti-bacterial. A honey mask or the wild rose oil is advisable after a long day on the snow, because they have both ingredients with relieving, anti-oxidants and restoring benefits.

      If you are satisfied with the honey mask effects during your stay on the mountain you can also prepare one mask at home with simple ingredients and which are easy to find everywhere. Take a spoon of honey and an egg white. Mix all together a, spread it on the face and leave it on for about minutes. A further honey mask for oily and impure skins is prepared by mix together a spoon of honey and two of green ventilated clay or brewer's yeast ; add some water until getting a thick dough.