• larch-extract-compress

      Larch extract compress

      The Larch extract compress and the alpine rose compress revitalize the skin and gives relief to tired joints. The alpine rose is also known for its refreshing and toning-up benefits. The larch is known by herbalist because of its diuretic, healing, inflammation healing benefits. It is curing also tough and respiratory problems, sight problems and degenerative phenomenon. From the Larch it is not just used the essential oil but even the resin, which is famous as “turpentine of Venice”.

      From the larch it is gained also the flour which is used for the peeling, while the larch restores and balances the skin. A further benefit of larch is the one of the wood, then it “screens” very good the electro smog and helps to relax, that’s why it is used in order to furnish bedrooms and saunas.