• nourishing-face-mask

      Nourishing face mask

      In winter the skin isn’t only stressed from the cold, the sun and the wind, but even from smog, especially if someone’s living in the city. A nourishing face mask is very easy to prepare and at the same moment very efficient, it forsees the application of goat butter on the clean face. Then let it on for about 15 minutes and then wash it up. Ahother mask forsees the utilization of banana and a spoon of sweet almond oil, let the mask on for 15 minutes.

      Another recipe for a nourishing face mask, excellent for mature skins, forsees the utilization of 50 gr of mixed carot with 3 spoons of wheat germ oil. This mask must stay on for half an hour. A nourishing face mask excellent also for mixed and oily skin types is the following one: three walnuts, three hazelnuts, one spoon of sweet almond oil, 2 spoons of full cream yogurt, which purifies and nourishes.