• nutrition-mask-for-hands

      Nutrition mask for hands

      Cold is one of the worst enemies of hands, then these tend to crack and dry. Don’t forget that the skin of the hands always dries more than the skin of the body. There are different kinds of hand treatments for nutrition as for example the famous ”paraffin gloves” or the Ayurveda massages for hands which are “releasing” tension of the body and help to soften thank to the use of therapeutic oils. You can prepare a nutrition mask for hands at home.

      The ingredients you need are the following: 1 spoon of orange juice, two spoons of cornflour (or bath starch) two spoons of sweet almond oil and rise water which is obtained by boiling rise in water for 15 minutes and then filter it.

      Mix all the ingredients until obtaining a dense dough and cover with it the hands for 15 minutes and rinse. A further hand mask which is still easier to prepare consists in putting the hands in a bowl of olive oil and lemon. Leave your hands for 15 minutes in it and rinse afterwards.