• treatment-with-chestnuts

      Treatment with chestnuts

      A treatment with chestnuts is recommended for soothing tiredness and swelling of legs. The chestnuts contain also escin a fundamental ingredient against cellulitis. They are advised also to heal combination and oily skins, thanks to the purifying, disinfectant and astringent qualities. The chestnut contains also vitamin PP, B2,B2 and C, mineral salts as chlorine, iodine, phosphorus, sulphur, iron and magnesium. The treatment with chestnut is advised also as anti-oxidants, detoxifying and revitalizing treatment, thanks to potassium, vitamin and carbohydrate.

      The chestnut flour and the chopped shells are used also for peelings , while the leaves are used for preparing foot baths and infusions against cellulitis. These treatments give a pleasant feeling of lightness and freshness. The Italian regions offer always more wellness treatments with chestnuts as Lazio Lazio, Trentino-South Tyrol, Emilia- Romagna, Veneto and Tuscany. Chestnuts are also cure-all for combination and oily skins. Try to prepare a simply mask at home! Boil about 20 chestnuts after peeling them, tumble it with a mixer together with a coffee spoon of honey and a segment of orange without seeds.