• arnica-oil

      Arnica oil

      The Arnica oil is the most efficient oil against problems at the osteomusculatory system, as for example: injuries, fractures, contusions, arthrose, arthritis, sprains, sciatica, muscular pains etc. There are necessary only some drops of this oil on the aching points. The arnica oil is fabricated by the blooms of this precious mountain flower. The blooms are collected in the summer when the florescence is on the highest level. This oil helps against aching limbs, muscle ache, it cares the hair and helps the sportspeople which have to practise outdoors on cold days.

      The arnica oil has astringent properties, it helps against swellings, rheuma and has an antibiotic effect. It contains tannins and it should not be applied onto wounds. The oil is recommended for expert sportspeople as well as for beginners. It’s not only a helpful remedy for sportspeople but it also hinders wrinkles, stretch marks, acne and it invigorates the skin. The arnica oil is used for the lymphatic drainage, the most popular wellness treatment against cellulitis.