• avocado-oil

      Avocado oil

      The avocado oil has antioxidant, smoothening, invigorating, protecting, animating and nurturing qualities (especially in case of dry, mature and atonic skin). The color of the oil is dark green and it’s viscid. The oil is gained by pressure, it contains many minerals, the vitamins A,B,C,D,E,K,PP and essential fatty acids, proteins, calcium, folic acid and phosphor, moreover it has a light penetrability. It can be used as eye- contour, it alleviates stretch marks, eczemas, psoriasis, reddness, dermatitis from napkins, finally it can be used for masks for dry and dull hair.

      The avocado oil has also sebum regulating properties and it’s excellent to treat mixed or oily skin. It can be used pure or in combination with jojoba oil, sweet almond and coconut oil, since these oils hinder the skin aging. Some drops of it can be added to the moisturizer or to the bath water. The avocado is a very strong appliance against turmors and a strong antioxidant agent, since its active ingredients reduce the bad cholesterol in the blood. Moreover it’s also an excellent remedy against depression, it fights the Alzheimer’s disease and hinders itchiness in case of dermatitis. The consumption of avocado is helpful against osteoporosis, arthrosis, diabetes and for the maintenance of the teeth. The avocado has astringent, aromatic and digestive properties, the mature, mashed fruit can be combinated with self –made masks. These masks have a nurturing effect onto the face, hair and hands.